Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Email to an Old Friend

I sent the following email in January of 2012, about 18 months ago.  I have wanted to updated this blog for so long but haven't been very inspired lately.  When I read this email, I realized that I didn't even remember life being this way.  Though Tera and Canon still get along today, we are in a much  more frustrating stage of life now than in the times of this email.  It was comforting to read about an easier time but scary to realize that if I don't start writing these things down again, I'll surely forget them forever.

I am a terrible person!  I read your email weeks - maybe months - ago, but because I didn't respond immediately I completely forgot. Thank you so much for checking in on our family. It has definitely been a busy few months. Tera is doing so well. We have "enrolled" her in Occupational Therapy just to keep her caught up on all of her physical requirements. She is trying really hard to crawl right now, and while I am so proud of her, part of me can't help but be a little sad that she is getting so big. We go to the doctor on a regular basis for check-ups, shots, and sometimes just to make me feel better.  Except for a minor case of RSV in November, she has done nothing but continue to shock us with her unending strength and lovable personality ... just like her namesake. Her favorite person in the whole world is her brother, Canon!  He need only walk in the room and she lights up. He can make her laugh harder than anyone else, and he is so sweet to her. She has become his own personal "My Buddy" doll, I think. He hugs her, kisses her, talks to her, and would probably carry her away if we let him. Watching the two of them together is the most precious part of being a parent. I didn't know children loved each other at such a young age, but apparently they do!
I hope that you and your family had a wonderful Christmas. You can imagine how exciting ours was with an almost-3-year-old and an infant that adores him. I hope that Alyssa was able to stay at home longer than I ever did on my college breaks - my poor parents!  I know you miss having her around. The years to come may prove to be the best though. I was always a homebody, but I think I felt closest to my parents when I was away and depended on them more than I thought I would.
Thank you again for checking in on us.
Deborah Moss

So, here goes!!!  My second attempt at telling Moss Family Stories.

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